Geoffrey Rush is part of a "brown package phenomenon"

Friday September 14, 2012

Actor Geoffrey Rush wishes he had never told the story of how he received his script for The King's Speech.

After receiving a brown package on his doorstep containing the script for the Oscar-winning picture, Geoffrey was immensely intrigued.

He then decided to take the role of speech therapist Lionel Logue in the film, earning him a BAFTA award as well as Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations.

However, since the movie's release, the actor has been receiving a series of brown packages on his doorstep, aptly named "the brown package phenomenon." 

Geoffrey has since informed scriptwriters that any other potentially award winning scripts can be easily submitted through his agent.

  He assured writers that if their script has a "keen and interesting and enthusiastic" cover letter, it would be read.

Plus, he admitted he might accidentally bury a doorstep delivery "under a pile of correspondence or something and forget about it".

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  • Geoffrey Rush is part of a "brown package phenomenon"

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