Mision cumplida: Joy over Chile mine rescue

Thursday October 14, 2010

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Chile is celebrating the return of all the men they call Los 'Treinta y Tres' – the 33 miners trapped deep below the Atacama desert since August 5.

Just after 9.55pm local time, Luis Urzua, the foreman, was brought to the surface of the San Jose mine.

He was embraced by President Sebastian Pinera and told: "Your shift is over".

In the nearby town of Copiapo where most of the miners live, their fellow citizens erupted into cheers of joy and flew the national flag as television pictures of the last rescue was shown.

And 2,030ft below in the 30 degree hole, where the men spent 69 days, rescue workers held up a sign that read simply: Misión cumplida, Chile – Mission accomplished, Chile.


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  • Mision cumplida: Joy over Chile mine rescue

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