Ashton's 'Two and a Half Men' ratings plummet

Friday October 14, 2011

It appears Ashton Kutcher is struggling both at home and work at the moment.

His marriage to Demi Moore is under scrutiny and now the ratings of his TV show have decreased by almost half within the space of a month.

Ashton joined the award-winning American sitcom Two and a Half Men, as the lead character, after his predecessor Charlie Sheen had a very public row with the show's producer.

Initially the Dude Where's My Car star was well recieved by the American public with 29 million viewers tuning in during the season's premiere.

These figures were an all time high for the show, which has been running for eight years.

However, the new series has been running for a month now, and ratings have dropped to 17.71 million.  

According to a source on the actor is said to be "concerned" about this significant fall.

Two And A Half Men still remains the most popular comedy on American television.

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  • Ashton's 'Two and a Half Men' ratings plummet

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