Jack Tweed visits Jade Goody's grave on anniversary

Monday March 15, 2010

As many families across Britain celebrated the union between mother and child, it was a day of mourning for those close to reality star Jade Goody.

Marking the first anniversary of her tragic death, Jade - who passed away on March 22, Mothering Sunday last year - was remembered by husband Jack, pictured, and her two sons Freddie and Bobby.

Paying respects to the woman he married 13 months ago, Celebrity Big Brother star Jack Tweed was spotted placing bouquets of flowers at the resting place of his late wife.

Also rememering the bubbly TV personality was Jade's mother, Jackiey, who has written her daughter an emotional letter, a year after her death.

"At first Bobby found it hard to talk about you or look at pictures, but gradually he had come to terms with you not being here and will happily chatter about his mummy and the things you used to do together," she wrote in The Sun newspaper.

"They miss you so deeply I don't think they can fully understand all the emotions they feel - they are still grieving in their own way as they make their way through life without a mummy to hold their hand."

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  • Jack Tweed visits Jade Goody's grave on anniversary

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