David Beckham's injury ends World Cup dream

Monday March 15, 2010

David Beckham's surgeon has confirmed that it will take a minimum of four months to fully recover from an injury he sustained while playing football at the weekend.

The sportsman ruptured his Achilles tendon during AC Milan's 1-0 victory over Chievo in San Siro on Sunday.

When the extent of his injury became clear on Monday morning, experts ruled out any participation from Becks at the June World Cup in South Africa.

David - who is on his way to have surgery in Finland - was seen limping off the pitch in tears, crying: "It's broken, it's broken", as he clutched his ankle.

His surgeon, Dr Sakari Orava, believes it will be "3-4 months before he is able to do light playing".    

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  • David Beckham's injury ends World Cup dream

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