Annie Lennox on tackling child poverty in Scotland

Thursday March 15, 2012

Singer Annie Lennox has spoken of her desire to tackle child poverty in the west coast of Scotland alongside poverty in Africa.

The campaigner returned to the Scottish Parliament as special envoy of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Scotland Branch to talk about her efforts to tackle HIV and Aids in Africa.

She also spoke of her desire to have a "balance" between her Scottish and international work.

The singer said she has entered into a "loose association" with entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter, who she said takes an "active interest" in social issues. They hope to address the issue of child poverty in their own country. 

Throughout her speech she spoke of the support the Scottish have given to other less fortunate countries.

She said: "Connecting with other cultures, particularly in developing countries, is something I know that Scots people do well.

"And we have the opportunity tonight to acknowledge some of those distinctly Scottish links through this Commonwealth Day celebration."

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