Ed Sheeran might collaborate with Rick Ross

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Lego House singer Ed Sheeran has revealed that he might drift away from his usual music style in the future – suggesting a possible collaboration with rap expert Rick Ross.

The British singer-songwriter has recently been seen out with “new friend” Rick Ross and when TMZ got a chance to ask Ed about the rumours in New York, he wasn’t vague in his response.

After asking the superstar about US culture differences, a question regarding his new friendship with Rick and whether there could be a future collaboration was asked abruptly.

Leaving shocked fans speechless, the 23-year-old simply replied: “yes”.

Ed has previously had duets with Taylor Swift, Christina Perri and Elton John – so his new project is sure to be a very different one.

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  • Ed Sheeran might collaborate with Rick Ross

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