'Nervous' Nicole Kidman triumphs as a producer

Wednesday September 15, 2010

With multiple awards and a glittering cinematic career already under her belt, Nicole Kidman can now add film producer to her CV.

Premiering at the Toronto Film Festival, Rabbit Hole is Nicole’s first foray into production and with the standing ovation it received, she may have found her second calling.

The stakes were high for the Australian beauty since she not only produced the film, but also starred in it.

“I feel very exposed, very nervous,” she said. “I’m responsible for the film. It’s a big weight.” 

The 43-year-old has also taken on a personal project at home: educating her husband-of-four-years Keith Urban in the world of the silver screen.

“I took him to his first ever subtitled movie. He loved it. Now he loves reading films.” she said.

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  • 'Nervous' Nicole Kidman triumphs as a producer

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