US rap star T.I. helps talks down suicidal man

Friday October 15, 2010

He's known as a bit of a bad boy who's had his own share of difficulties.

But rapper T.I. put his own experience to good use this week when he helped talk a suicidal man down from the ledge of a radio station building in Atlanta.

Hearing about the man's plight on the radio, the 30-year-old jumped in his car and drove to the scene to persuade the man to come down.

"I went down there and talked to a police office and he sent me to the negotiator," the musician – real name Clifford Harris Jr – told People magazine.

"They told him I was there and he started responding a little bit.

"I told him, 'It's not that bad and that I was there for him and (that) there is nothing that you cant get through as long as you are willing to put the time and energy into it," he said.

"But first things first. You're going to have to come on down here and holler at me."

After negotiators showed T.I.'s message, which he videotaped, the man came down – and the star was waiting for a heart-to-heart.

Speaking about his rescue mission, the humble Takers actor said: "It wasn’t heroism. It was just me listening to my spirit.

"I have a very hard time taking credit for it. it was God's work. I just showed up."

T.I. has since denied reports the incident was a publicity stunt.

"This is not something I could have planned," the rapper told CNN.

Photo: © Rex

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