Love is in the air: Liam Neeson dines with air hostess

Friday October 15, 2010

Liam Neeson has enjoyed an intimate dinner date with an Air France stewardess after meeting her on a flight to Paris.

The star was seen in an upmarket Manhattan eatery with 46-year-old Leslie Slater, and, according to onlookers, the couple only had eyes for each other.

"It was clear Liam was very nervous for the lady to turn up because he looked so nervous," one onlooker said.

"He sat at the back of the restaurant and constantly scanned each arrival. When his date arrived they gave each other a big hug and kiss.

"Then for the next couple of hours they barely touched their food and they laughed and talked and stared into each other's eyes."

Afterwards, the pair were spotted entering the 58-year-old actor's apartment block, located feet away from the restaurant.

It has been 20-months since Liam tragically lost his wife Natasha Richardson. He currently lives in New York with the couple's two sons, Michael, 15, and 14-year-old Daniel.

Last month, the A-Team actor was pictured holding hands with Freya St Johnson in London.

Photo: Getty Images

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  • Love is in the air: Liam Neeson dines with air hostess

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