Arnold Schwarzenegger to 'terminate UK budget deficit'

Friday October 15, 2010

A seemingly unlikely pair, Prime Minister David Cameron and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger share a friendship that goes back a while.

Way before settling into Downing Street, the Tory leader paid a visit to the Governator in California in 2007.

Not wanting to pass up a chance to return the favour on his way back from a trip to Moscow, the outgoing politician stopped off in the UK.

The Briitsh prime minister joked that Arnie was in town to help “terminate the budget deficit”.

Later while addressing UK troops, the Governator thanked them for their contribution.

"I know the difference between a movie action hero who is make-believe and the true action heroes."

"You all are the true action heroes because you are risking your life."

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger to 'terminate UK budget deficit'

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