Prince Charles may have to give up Rolls-Royce

Monday December 13, 2010

In a further blow to Prince Charles and Camilla following Thursday night’s attack by student rioters, the Home Secretary has suggested that the royal couple may have to give up their historic Rolls Royce for security reasons.

Theresa May has indicated that the Phantom VI - which was given to the Queen in 1977 for her Silver Jubilee - may not be an appropriate vehicle given the car’s design to purposely make its passengers visible to onlookers.

The vehicle is one of eight state limousines kept by Buckingham Palace which are used for ceremonial and official occasions when the Royal Family want to be as visible as possible.

Although it is designed to withstand attacks, a window was broken during the assault and rioters were reportedly able to poke sticks inside which came into contact with the Duchess.

A better option may be an armoured Jaguar they own which has tinted windows making its passengers less conspicuous. It's also much easier to manoeuvre in case of emergency.

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  • Prince Charles may have to give up Rolls-Royce

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