Angelina Jolie asks Pedro Almodovar for a job

Monday January 16, 2012

One is Hollywood's leading star and the other is one of the world's most acclaimed directors.

So it may come as a surprise that they've never worked together before.

But sparks flew when Angelina Jolie and Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar attended a pre Golden Globes event at the weekend.

Angelina was in the middle of an interview at a when she saw the legendary director and ran over to him.

"When are you going to give me work? One day?" she said.

A suprised Pedro replied: "Yes, absolutely. Don’t worry you are young."

However, the actress insisted further: "But do you promise, one day?" to which Pedro repeated his pledged: "This is a commitment in front of the cameras."

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  • Angelina Jolie asks Pedro Almodovar for a job

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