Sir Jimmy Young criticises 'aggressive' interviewers

Tuesday April 16, 2013

Broadcasting veteran Sir Jimmy Young has criticised the "aggressive" interviewing technique employed by some of today's TV and radio hosts.

The former Radio 2 DJ declined to name names but called for "a return to politeness" on the airwaves.

Sir Jimmy, 91, who interviewed every prime minister from Harold Wilson to Tony Blair, told the Radio Times: "Today we live in an age dominated by aggressive interviewers.

"Politicians being accused of this or that. Being forced to defend themselves. But I don't believe this is always the best way to find out the truth."

He added: "My techniques may have differed from today's rottweilers. But what I did was take the serious political interview out of a ghetto and make it available to the masses."

Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman and Radio 4 Today programme host John Humphrys have both been dubbed rottweilers of the broadcasting world because of the way they grill politicians.

Sir Jimmy said: "Today, as fewer and fewer people turn out to vote - and society gets increasingly ruder - I wonder whether a return to politeness on radio and television would be no bad thing."

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  • Sir Jimmy Young criticises 'aggressive' interviewers

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