Penelope Cruz's sister was her 'Pirates' body double

Monday May 16, 2011

Penelope Cruz's actress sister acted as a body double for the star in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Penelope was pregnant with her son by her husband Javier Bardem during the making of the film.

So she was replaced by Monica Cruz, also an actress, during filming in London.

Director Rob Marshall said: "We actually asked Monica to help us out with some of the wide shots and some of the long shots when we needed a different silhouette."

"She fantastic and a real friend to the film".

Penelope admitted she struggled with the physical demands of her role as a swashbuckling female pirate opposite Johnny Depp.

But she said the toughest challenge was "to keep a straight face in front of Johnny, that was really difficult".

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  • Penelope Cruz's sister was her 'Pirates' body double

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