Young robot fan meets 'Transformers' stars  at UK premiere

Tuesday June 16, 2009

Shia La Beouf and Megan Fox encounter their fair share of robots in the Transformers sequel, but none quite like the young fan who dressed up especially to see the film stars as they arrived in London on Monday evening.

Hot on the heels of Sunday's screening in Berlin, beautiful Megan, 23, and her hunky co-star came face to face with young Kai Hamilton who had dressed as one of the robots, Bumblebee, to mark the arrival of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen in the British capital.

Released in the UK on June 18, the film depicts an epic battle between the good robots – the autobots – and the evil decpeticons on planet earth.

Speaking at Monday's event, Megan, who reprises her role as tomboy biker girl Mikaela Banes in the film, said she proved to be more than a match for Shia, also 23, during filming.

"Oh you have to be (tough) to survive a Michael Bay movie," the brunette actress said. "You have to sort of man up, and I think I was the toughest man on set - way tougher than Shia was"

Photo: © Getty Images

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  • Young robot fan meets 'Transformers' stars  at UK premiere

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