Grandchildren inspire Sophia Loren to star in 'Cars 2'

Thursday June 16, 2011

Sophia Loren said she became the Neapolitan voice of a character in Cars 2 for the sake of her grandchildren and the late Walt Disney.

The actress lends her voice to Mama Topolino (Mamma Mickey Mouse) in the Disney sequel that opens next week in Italy.

Sophia said she hopes her three grandchildren will now say that Mama Topolino is grandma.

"Who knows? Maybe watching Cars 2 they'll recognise the voice of their grandmother," Sophia said in a brief interview on Italian state TV.

The 76-year-old said years ago she had an "unforgettable" meeting with Walt Disney. She did not elaborate.

Should there be a Cars 3 would she consider being Mama Topolino's voice again? "If Mama Topolino becomes an important character, why not?" she said.

Photo: © Getty Images

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  • Grandchildren inspire Sophia Loren to star in 'Cars 2'

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