'Nicole Kidman was a bit shy,' says Slumdog star in memoirs

Thursday July 16, 2009

She wowed audiences across the globe with her role in Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire, and now nine-year-old Rubina Ali has made history as the youngest person to release an autobiography.

In her book, titled Slumgirl Dreaming: Journey to the Stars, Rubina gives an insight into her rise from the slums of Mumbai to walking the red carpet in Hollywood, and also gives her opinion of Tinseltown star Nicole Kidman.

The youngster shared a trailer with the actress when they both appeared in a soft drinks advert, on location in India. But, says Rubina, they didn't get to know each other very well. 

"I really liked her, but she was very quiet and didn't speak much. I think she was a bit shy," wrote Rubina, who was reportedly paid more than her Slumdog salary for just three days work on the commercial.

She also describes the Australian actress as "strange" because she rarely came out of the trailer for fear of getting sunburnt.

Within the 192-pages of the book, the young actress also talks about the recent demolition of her home in Mumbai.

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  • 'Nicole Kidman was a bit shy,' says Slumdog star in memoirs

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