Sign up as a sailor on an ecology cruise

Thursday August 12, 2010

If you're a sea lover and you fancy doing your bit for the cause of the cetaceans and turtles that inhabit the Mediterranean, why not sign up for a place on the good ship 'Toftevaag' and work shoulder-to-shoulder with the biologists and researchers on their conservation work?

The Toftevaag left the shipbuilder's yard a century ago, destined to fish for herring in the Norwegian fjords. For the last couple of decades, though, this 60 foot veteran has been devoted to the study, protection and conservation of dolphin, whale, turtle and seabird populations of the Mediterranean.

Crewed by a team of biologists and researchers under the command of Ricardo Sagarminaga (until recently coordinator of the Spanish Cetacean Society), this floating lab also offers a chance to a few 'mere mortals' to join in and work alongside the team of experts. The tasks include the day-to-day duties of a sailor, which provides an ideal opportunity to appreciate traditional sailing techniques as well as enjoying the spectacular starry nights of the high seas and a number of shore visits scheduled along the route.

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