Audrey Tautou 'loves playing independent women'

Tuesday August 16, 2011

Audrey Tautou has admitted she likes to play independent women in her films.

The French star entered the global spotlight following the success of Amelie, and has played fashion icon Coco Chanel in Coco Before Chanel and a confident salon owner in Beautiful Lies.

"I think the part I like to play has a lot of personality, or maybe it's me who gives them more personality than what they can have when you read the script," she said.

While she injects her vibrant personality into her roles, Audrey looks for them to complement her in return.

"At this point of my life I think what's important for me is to grow older with my character.

"I would like my parts to follow my whole personal evolution as a woman. So I feel that's a very interesting moment in my work to try to do it a bit better."

Despite the success of The Da Vinci Code, Audrey wants to keep her distance from Hollywood.

She explained: "I like blockbusters because it stays something special and exotic for me.

"I couldn't do a blockbuster, and another big movie and another big one... because I think I'm closer to independent-minded movies.

"It doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy my experience on The Da Vinci Code, and you know maybe one day... But I don't want to become bigger than what I am today so I prefer to keep it calm." 

Beautiful Lies opens in cinemas on August 12.

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