'Big Bang' star Mayim Bialik positive after car crash

Thursday August 16, 2012

Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik has told her Twitter fans that she will keep all her fingers following her involvement in a car accident.

Richard French, Los Angeles police spokesman, said the 36-year-old's left hand and thumb were severely gashed in the recent accident.

On her Twitter page Mayim's husband typed on her behalf of his wife saying that she was in pain but her hand would remain intact.

Police have said that the cause of the accident was that another car made a left turn and hit Mayim's vehicle.

The three occupants of the other car received minor injuries.

Blossom star Mayim has been acting since childhood and was recently nominated for an Emmy. Her role as Amy Farah Fowler in the Big Bang Theory earned her a nomination for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series. 

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  • 'Big Bang' star Mayim Bialik positive after car crash

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