Colin Firth reveals how Julianne made new role difficult

Wednesday February 17, 2010

His turn in A Single Man has been critically acclaimed and deservingly earned him an Oscar nomination.

But Colin Firth found himself distracted when it came to getting into the role of gay British university professor George Falconer – all thanks to his co-star Julianne Moore.

The 49-year-old – who takes the starring role in the Tom Ford-directed drama – has revealed he had no problems in his latest film, until it came to playing alongside the beautiful actress.

"It never occurred to me that there was any issue about playing gay until Julianne kissed me," admitted Colin, as he spoke about scenes when his character must resist the advances of his female best friend.

"Julianne made that moment very difficult as I wasn't supposed to enjoy it. That was the one moment when Tom Ford had to get on my case."

"He said: 'You're supposed to be a gay man! Jesus Christ! Keep your hands to yourself and get your tongue out of her face."

Click here to see the trailer for A Single Man.

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  • Colin Firth reveals how Julianne made new role difficult

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