The Moyer the merrier for expecting Anna Paquin

Tuesday July 17, 2012

Stephen Moyer has confirmed that he and his wife Anna Paquin are expecting twins.

The fang-tastic news comes just a month after one of their co-stars let slip that double trouble may be on the way.

Stephen, who plays vampire Bill Compton in hit series True Blood, said that Canadian actress Anna "is good". 

The 42-year-old Brit - who has a son and a daughter from previous relationships - told Us Weekly "I love my kids beyond anything. They're the best things ever, and having two more is just going to be even more crazy, but that's cool!"

The couple looked thrilled earlier in the year as Anna showed off her baby bump at the season five premiere of True Blood in Hollywood

Michael McMillian, who plays Steve Newlin on the HBO vampire drama, said the entire cast has "been impressed" with how Anna is handling her pregnancy.

"The show is taking great care of her, and I think she's probably really happy that she has some time off now to focus on what's to come," he said.

"Stephen is already a terrific father and they make an amazing couple. Anna is really excited, as any expectant mum is. I think they're going to be pretty cool parents."

Michael, 33, joked that "there's something in the water over at True Blood", as co-star Sam Trammell also welcomed twins Winston and Gus in August 2011.

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