Julian Fellowes defends Benedict Cumberbatch

Friday August 17, 2012

Julian Fellowes has defended Benedict Cumberbatch in the wake of the Sherlock star's critical comments about Downton Abbey.

Benedict, who will appear in new period Parade's End, slammed the latest series of Downton in an interview with Reader's Digest, calling it 'sentimental' and 'clichéd'.

However Julian has responded, telling the Daily Telegraph: "I have known Ben since he was a little boy and I couldn’t be fonder of him,”

He added: “I am quite sure what Ben said has been taken out of context and does not at all reflect his real feelings.

"The popularity of Downton and Ben’s series Sherlock, and, hopefully, Parade’s End are all part of a surge of interest in television drama which can only be good news for all of us.”

Parade's End, written by screenwriter Sir Tom Stoppard is an adaptation of the novels by Ford Maddox Ford. It airs next week on BBC2.

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