Illusionist Derren Brown loses £30,000 in fraud

Monday September 17, 2012

A man has been convicted of stealing £30,000 from illusionist Derren Brown.

Derren left two cheques, worth  £21,550 and £11,500 in his home to be sent out by his assistant when he was away on business.

The cheques were signed by the magician's manager, but the remaining details were left blank.

Rather than making their way to their respective recipients, the cheques were instead pocketed by his cleaner, and then cashed by her criminal partner.

The cleaner's partner-in-crime told the police that he thought the cheques were for to pay for a sign repair at the cleaner's business.

The pair will be sentenced on October 11.  

Image: © Getty

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  • Illusionist Derren Brown loses £30,000 in fraud

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