Chris Martin 'won the lottery with Gwyneth Paltrow'

Monday October 17, 2011

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has compared marrying his beautiful wife Gwyneth Paltrow to “winning the lottery”.

“It’s a giant leap,” he said during an interview on CBS, “from being a loser, to going out with an Oscar winner.

“Let’s face it; it’s like winning the lottery”.

The talented musician also spoke about how he enjoys relative anonymity unless he’s with his actress wife.

“I only get recognised when I’m with my wife. And then they spot her, so that’s great,” he said.

“I recently had a cab driver say to me, ‘You look like that singer’. I said I am and he just laughed.”

But as a man fronting a band who have sold over 50 million albums, and bagged six Brit awards and seven Grammys, Chris is clearly being modest.

The couple, pictured here in 2003, are rarely spotted out in public together.

They prefer to keep their relationship as private as possible, and also keep their two children out of the limelight.

Photo: © Rex

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