X Factor sound techies 'told to drown out Jedward'

Tuesday November 17, 2009

Their survival of another week on X Factor has sparked speculation that there is more than meets the eye to the success of twins John and Edward.

A source from behind the scenes of the talent contest has claimed that sound technicians were ordered to drown out the boys' vocals during their performance on Saturday.

"It is totally outrageous. It is cheating. The only time the sound levels on the mics were lifted was when they were rapping," says the insider.

"The sound crew are told to turn their mics down so their vocals are mostly covered by the backing singers."

"We are used to tweaking levels, it is part of the job, but what we were asked to do on Saturday was beyond a joke."

The revelation comes after fans of the 17-year-olds, who performed Queen's Under Pressure interwoven with a rap of Ice Ice Baby, said they "sounded much better" this week.

Even Simon Cowell, who previously labelled the boys "horrific", said the performance was their "best so far".

Photo: Rex

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  • X Factor sound techies 'told to drown out Jedward'

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