Peaches Geldof in car crash on way to Disneyland

Thursday December 17, 2009

On Wednesday socialite Peaches Geldof was on route to Disneyland, California with four friends when the driver lost control of the car they were in causing it to go into a spin on the freeway.

Fortunately none of the youngsters were injured but the vehicle suffered serious damage to the bonnet and bumper (pictured).

Just minutes before the incident, Peaches wrote on Twitter how she was, "speeding like I have never, ever witnessed before on the freeway-feel like I'm in a scary car chase video game.'"

After the accident both she and her friends posted updates on the social networking site.

"Honestly can't believe we're alive after that," tweated Peaches.

Another friend added "the front of the car is all mangled and smoking maybe we can use it as a Barbie?"

A spokesman for Peaches said: "She is fine. No one was hurt and or taken to hospital. After the accident she and her friends carried on driving to Disneyland."


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  • Peaches Geldof in car crash on way to Disneyland

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