Sarah Jessica Parker proudly shows off her twins

Thursday December 17, 2009

On Wednesday night's Letterman show, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker showed off a photograph of her twins, Tabitha and Marion.

This was the first public photo of the babies since they were a few days old.

Dressed in blue and pink baby grows, the tiny tots appear to show great interest in the camera.

"They are about as unidentical as twins can be," she said.

"They will be six months at the end of this month and they are physically, intellectually, spiritually, geographically, politically, ideologically and religiously as different as two small six-month olds could be."

James Wilkie, the actress' seven-year-old son is adjusting very well to the new arrivals.

"He's been very hospitable and he's amused by them occasionally," she explained.

Successfully balancing work and family life is never easy, and SJP is no exception.

"I’m probably faring as well as most working mothers in America and across the globe.

"Some days are absolutely triumphant. Other days you’ve basically let everybody down and you lie in bed and live in regret and plan the next day," she admitted.

Photo: © CBS

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