Rod Stewart happy with socks for Christmas

Monday December 17, 2012

Rod Stewart is easy to buy Christmas presents for, according to his wife.

Penny Lancaster said the multi-millionaire rock star wants nothing more than a pair of socks and some kit for his model railway under the Christmas tree.

She told HELLO! magazine: "There's Rod the rock star who gets up on the stage and sings. And there's the Rod I'm married to, the very funny, very loving, family man who just loves being surrounded by the people he loves and those who love him.

"Rod is pretty easy to please. He never really wants anything, the things he likes are very simple luxuries: really good brushes for his model railway hobby and cashmere socks which he loves to wear in bed and on planes because he gets really cold feet."

The couple, who have two sons Alastair and Aiden, will spend Christmas at home in their mansion in Essex - a far cry from the singer's own childhood.

Rod said: "There are a few more shillings about now. However, my childhood memories of Christmas are full of joy."

Penny said reading Rod's recent autobiography made her fall even more in love with him.

She said: "There's lots of little things I loved, like the fact his window as a kid used to look out onto a railway track which is the reason he loves trains so much. What was really moving for me was just how hard he worked - in the early days no-one wanted him."

But she admitted she was glad she met the hard-living rocker when he was a bit older: "Part of me would like to have met Rod in his thirties or forties. But I know it wouldn't have been right for him to have the relationship we have, the life we have."

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  • Rod Stewart happy with socks for Christmas

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