Alex Reid: 'I want to work on our marriage'

Tuesday January 18, 2011

The 'Price' of fame: the ups and downs of Katie and Alex's marriage

Tensions have been high between them for months. But Alex Reid is determined to save his marriage to Katie Price.

The 35-year-old is still wearing his wedding ring and is optimistic the couple can work through their issues, despite having moved out of their marital home.

Speaking to Star magazine, he said: "I'm still wearing my wedding ring - maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, but there you go… I want to work on our marriage."

He added: "Maybe I am an optimist, but I believe in doing the honourable thing."

Katie is said to be furious with Alex for allegedly selling photos of him posing with her son Junior at the gym. However the cage-fighter has since denied her claims.

He said: "Sadly someone sold the photo. I still maintain strong support for Katie in her wish to keep the kids out of the limelight."

Photo: © Rex

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