Kirsty Gallacher denies romance with Tiger Woods

Thursday March 18, 2010

TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher has denied online rumours that she was romantically involved with golf star Tiger Woods.

Several internet sites had reported the story following revelations of Tiger's numerous affairs.

Although Kirsty denies the reports, the former Sky Sports presenter has admitted that she is friends with the married father-of-two and says he calls her whenever he visits the UK.

“It was all speculation and it was incorrect," she tells the Evening Times.
“It was very upsetting. I knew I was being talked about and that's why lawyers were involved.

“But what you do in this job is you get quite strong because you know things will come at you," she adds

“And I’ve always had the support of family and friends. We’ve all had the rubbish thrown at us but you deal with it.”

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