Ben Fogle not keen on 'I'm A Celebrity'

Thursday April 18, 2013

Ben Fogle has insisted he'd be "terrible" on shows like I'm A Celebrity Get Me... Get Me Out Of Here!

The 39-year-old has done his share of roughing it and has tackled some big challenges since starring on BBC show Castaway 2000, such as rowing the Atlantic and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, but confessed he still wouldn't do well on some reality shows.

He said of I'm A Celebrity: " I think I'd be terrible at it.

"I'm not very good when I'm surrounded by big egos, I like to blend in and get on with things."

Ben also doubts he could handle the infamous Bushtucker Trials.

"I'm just as scared of spiders as the next person, and I'm not mad keen on snakes either," he admitted.

The star said he has had his fair share of offers to do "ridiculous" programmes.

"In terms of TV shows, if you're a public figure, we've all been asked to do some sort of ridiculous show at some stage," he said.

"Like Celebrity Life Drawing, where I was supposed to pose naked for artists to draw me. I think that was probably one of the most ludicrous shows that I've ever been asked to take part in."

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  • Ben Fogle not keen on 'I'm A Celebrity'

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