TV survival star Bear Grylls becomes youngest Chief Scout

Monday May 18, 2009

After becoming the youngest Brit to scale Everest aged 23, TV adventurer Bear Grylls has notched up another record. He's been named Chief Scout, making him the youngest man to head the organisation at 34.

Bear, who takes over from former Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan, will hold the post for five years.

"I have always loved helping young people live their dreams and to taste real adventure, as well as getting caked in mud," he said.

Bear's goal is to encourage more adults to volunteer with the movement, so 33,000 youngsters on waiting lists can begin to participate.

The former soldier – who broke his back in a parachute accident two years before tackling Everest -  is known to viewers for presenting programmes such as Man Vs Wild and Escape To The Legion.

His appointment sparked questions of his suitability for the role in the light of the fact that some of the content of the programmes was not as 'wild man' as viewers were led to believe. However, the Scout Association says: "We believe this guy is absolutely trustworthy and has young people's interests at heart."

Photo: © PA

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