Stephen Lawrence's father welcomes new trial

Wednesday May 18, 2011

Two men are to stand trial for the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence 18 years ago, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Gary Dobson, 35, and David Norris, 34, are accused of being part of a racist white gang that "targeted and killed" the 18-year-old as he stood at a bus stop in London.

They were arrested in September and are in custody. The allegations could not be reported before for legal reasons.

While David Norris had never been tried before, Gary Dobson was acquitted at a private prosecution brought by his parents. 

Stephen's father Neville said he was "relieved and delighted at the court's decision".

A law established in 2003 abolished the ban on people being retried for the same crime after being found not guilty, if "compelling" new evidence came to light.

Photo: © Rex

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  • Stephen Lawrence's father welcomes new trial

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