Bruce Springsteen: 'Only The Boss can pull the plug'

Wednesday July 18, 2012

US rocker Bruce Springsteen has responded to the London organisers who cut his Hyde Park gig short at a concert in Dublin.

The three-and-a-half hour Irish set was littered with references to the incident that saw Bruce and Sir Paul McCartney silenced for exceeding their curfew.

Starting the show by saying "before we were so rudely interrupted..." Bruce flipped the switch on a large prop power generator before 'resuming' the last minute of Twist and Shout, the track which was cut off.

And more references were to follow. The good humoured singer also performed a cover of The Clash's I Fought The Law 

Bruce then wheeled out the on/off switch again whilst holding up a sign saying "Only the Boss says when to pull the plug" before launching into his legendary track Dancing in the Dark.

As the show drew to an end a man dressed as a London police officer took to the stage attempting to arrest the musician.

The Last Word presenter Matt Cooper was among the celeb fans tweeting their support, posting "The Boss was awesome", "Did he milk to Hyde Park debacle!".

Meanwhile, radio presenter Chris Donaghue tweeted "Played up the curfew thing all night. Great gig!!!"

Interestingly, Bruce has previously been in trouble with Dublin City Council as he and his band were fined an estimated 50,000 euros for breaking his curfew during two gigs in July 2009.

The iconic singer later joked, "We're not sure when the curfew is tonight. Do you really have curfews in Ireland?", although this time he did manage to finish the gig before 11pm, the offical cut-off point.

Photo: @joclogg

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