First glimpse of Joaquin Phoenix's bizarre film

Wednesday August 18, 2010

The trailer for a documentary chronicling Joaquin Phoenix's transition from actor to rapper has been released.

But, featuring strange footage of the performer in a series of bizarre situations, the clip has left many wondering whether the film is in fact a mockumentary.

I'm Still Here - directed by his brother-in-law Casey Affleck - shows the 35-year-old in a consultation with a guru.

In a metaphor for perils of the Hollywood lifestyle, the spiritual adviser dribbles water onto a table top, describing the star as a drop of water sliding into a "low, dark ocean".

Also included are shots of his bloated belly, fights with fans and him hugging P Diddy.

Tinseltown has been agog at Joaquin's antics ever since he announced his retirement from movies by painting the word 'goodbye' on his knuckles.

A monosyllabic appearance on David Letterman's chat show did nothing to clear up the mystery surrounding his abrupt change of career.

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  • First glimpse of Joaquin Phoenix's bizarre film

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