Wyclef Jean 'in hiding' after receiving death threats

Wednesday August 18, 2010

Having declared that politics is a battleground and that he planned to be “attacked every day” during his run for the presidency of Haiti, Wyclef Jean probably didn't exepct to be taken literally.

The ex-Fugees star, who publicised his candidacy for the position earlier this month, says that he is in "hiding" after receiving death threats and phone calls telling him to “get out of Haiti”.

Wyclef, who was born on the island nation and holds a Haitian passport, is keeping a low profile while the country's officials review whether the Grammy-Award winning artist is eligible to run.

Since announcing his decision to pursue the post, not only fellow Haitians have been vocally critical, but celebrities such as actor Sean Penn and former bandmate Pras Michel have also made their reservations known.

"I want to make it unequivocally clear I love Wyclef to def [sic] but he's not [qualified] to be the leader of the new Haiti”, said Pras.

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  • Wyclef Jean 'in hiding' after receiving death threats

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