Nigella Lawson: 'I'm not really a domestic goddess'

Tuesday September 18, 2012

TV cook Nigella Lawson is insistent that her domestic goddess title is sorely mistaken.

She earned the title because of her TV series How To Be A Domestic Goddess in 2000, and has struggled to shake it off since.

Husband Charles Saatchi also seems to disagree with the affectionate epithet.

Nigella said: "I am messy... Charles says to me that I turn everything into a student doss house. But you can't have two messy people living together."

Nigella has raised two children from her marriage to the late John Diamond, and doesn't always find the task easy.

She said: "People who don't have children imagine that their whole lives would be all right if they had children but they don't realise that having children gives you lots of problems; one is being constantly worried. 

"Also I think it's impossible to be a mother without a huge sense of failure. Not that I think of my children as failures.

"I think they're wonderful, but one is always aware of what one isn't doing right. Although I'm pretty easygoing about most things, I do think manners are important and being kind."

She added:  "And they make me laugh - and that's quite important. So I like the people they are."

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