Brad Pitt: 'Good roles are like fine wines'

Tuesday October 18, 2011

As one of Hollywood’s highest paid stars, Brad Pitt can afford to be selective.

And the 47-year-old says he enjoys the luxury of being able to pick and choose his roles, comparing his creative selection to choosing a fine wine.

"Films that I've loved, like The Assassination of Jesse James and The Tree Of Life, they're 'fine wine' pictures - they'll age well. They've got legs." The father of six told Empire magazine.

"Filmmaking is about longevity.

"Is it a quality picture? Is it a quality story? Is there something original about it?"

Brad’s latest art house outing in The Tree of Life was a sharp departure from his usual more commercial roles.

But it seems he's willing to sacrifice box office success for a body of work that he can feel proud of.

"I like films that make money. But I've been less concerned with that of late.

"I've found with one period where I was thinking that way, I made bad choices."

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  • Brad Pitt: 'Good roles are like fine wines'

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