Andy Murray: 'Kate has incredible handwriting'

Friday October 18, 2013

Andy Murray has revealed that he thinks Kate Middleton has incredible handwriting after the Duchess of Cambridge wrote to the tennis superstar following his Wimbledon win.

The tennis ace was at Buckingham Palace early this week to receive an OBE from the Duke of Cambridge. "I spoke a little about my back surgery…about Wimbledon…and thanked his wife who wrote a note to me after Wimbledon congratulating me, she has unbelievable handwriting and I’ve had a note from him before which wasn't so good, so I mentioned that to him," he joked.

Twenty-six-year-old Andy then went on to say that this has been his first week in rehabilitation, since he underwent surgery to sort out a disc problem in his lower back. "It's a long process" he said but added that he hoped to begin his pre-season training in Miami in November.

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  • Andy Murray: 'Kate has incredible handwriting'

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