June Whitfield takes a shine to David Tennant

Friday December 18, 2009

The Doctor faces his biggest challenge yet in The End Of Time - David Tennant's last outing as the Time Lord.

And it's not just doing battle with his arch nemesis The Master – who returns from the dead – but fending off the attentions of an amorous pensioner, played by June Whitfield.

June's character takes a shine to the sci-fi hero when she and a group of friends encounter him at a shipyard.

"He's gorgeous! Take a photo," she tells a pal, continuing: "I'm Minnie. Minnie the menace. It's a long time since I had a photo with a handsome man."

The Doctor's protests that he's a bit busy are ignored, before cheeky Minnie takes the opportunity to squeeze his derriere, much to his shock. (pictured)

Doctor Who: The End Of Time parts one and two will be shown on BBC1 at 6pm Christmas Day and 6.40pm on New Years Day.

Photo: © BBC

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