Lily Cole became vegan after a dream

Tuesday February 19, 2013

Lily Cole has revealed she gave up eating meat after having a dream that she was vegan.

The 25-year-old model and actress - who is an ambassador for Sky Rainforest Rescue - told The Sun how she often follows the guidance of her dreams.

Lily said: "I dreamed that I became vegan and I woke up feeling really good about it. I thought, 'This feels great and I'm going to stay like this'.

"I listen to my dreams quite closely. Dreams are often you talking to yourself. It is listening to the deeper voices of yourself and the noises of your mind you don't hear clearly.

"If I have a strong dream about something it doesn't mean I commit to it 100 per cent, but if it feels right to me, I'll often end up committing to it later. I'll let it sit in my consciousness for a while. Some of them are silly dreams and some say quite a lot."

The Snow White And The Huntsman star is part of a project to try and save a billion trees in the Amazon rainforest.

She said: "I'm not like some cliche hippy, but I really love trees and I love nature. And that appreciation has grown as I've got older."

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