Life through a lens: Prince Charles' 3D specs

Friday March 19, 2010

Prince Charles obviously likes to keep up-to-date with modern technology.

During a visit to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest this week, the Prince of Wales debuted a new pair of 3D glasses.

All the rage at the moment - required for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Oscar-winning Avatar - the Queen's son was bang on trend with his specs.

Charles used the glasses to view images of ancient texts discovered by academics under the words of a 13th century prayer book.

He then turned to a more light-hearted exercise; watching a computer-generated frog who appeared to leap from the screen as it tried to catch a fly with its tongue.

Charles is on a nine-day tour of eastern Europe with wife, Camilla, who has had to cancel several engagements due to a trapped nerve in her back.

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  • Life through a lens: Prince Charles' 3D specs

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