Woody Allen wins $5m settlement in image dispute

Tuesday May 19, 2009

A US clothing company has agreed to pay $5 million to Woody Allen for using the director's image on adverts without consent.

The actor/director objected to the use of a picture taken from his 1977 film Annie Hall depicting him dressed in Hasidic Jewish clothing above the logo of American Apparel.  

Speaking outside Manhattan federal court in New York, the filmmaker said he'd sued because the firm "calculatingly took my name, likeness and image and used them publicly to promote their business". 

The 73-year-old said the company thought "fear of publicity" over his personal life and their plan to "call a long list of witnesses who had obviously nothing to do with this case" meant he wouldn't take action.

American Apparel argued the case had been about the right to free speech. "I am not sorry for expressing myself," insisted founder Dov Charney

Photo: Alpha

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  • Woody Allen wins $5m settlement in image dispute

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