Future Queen of Norway attends local state school

Thursday August 19, 2010

It is not every day that you find yourself in the same classroom as a princess - and not any princess, but one who will one day become queen.

But for the pupils of Janslokka school in Norway, practising long division and completing spelling tests in the presence of royalty will become a regular affair.

Six-year-old Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway begins her education on Thursday at her local state school, just down the road from the royal estate at Skaugum, Asker.

It is the first time that an heir to Norway's throne has attended a neighbourhood school - both the King and Princess Ingrid's father, the Crown Prince Haakon, travelled to Oslo for their education.

Prince Haakon has stated in the past his hope that his daughter Ingrid experiences the "most normal" childhood.

In order to fulfill this wish, he is reportedly also going to allow the young princess to walk to school every day with her 13-year-old half-brother Marius, who attended the establishment too.

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  • Future Queen of Norway attends local state school

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