Kim Cattrall holds her own in same dress as Miley

Monday October 19, 2009

Famous as the cheerleader for fabulous 50-somethings, Kim Cattrall has outdone herself this time.

Here she is, as Sex and the City man-eater Samantha Jones, going head-to-head sartorially speaking with Miley Cyrus - who is 37 years her junior - in a scene for the new movie. 

Of course, in true Samantha style it's all done with a dash of humour. 

The two ladies attend a premiere, with the 16-year-old Hannah Montana star portraying herself, and find to their horror that they've chosen the same outfit.

They posed at New York's Ziegfield Theatre which acted as the venue for Smith Jerrod's new film Heart of the Dessert.

As true SATC aficionados know Smith – played by Jason Lewis – is PR exec Samantha's on-off toyboy lover. 

The film also features Penelope Cruz as an attractive banker who spells trouble for Carrie and Mr Big's relationship.

Photo: © Getty Images

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  • Kim Cattrall holds her own in same dress as Miley

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