Avril Lavigne supports ex-husband as he battles alcoholism

Tuesday May 20, 2014

Singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne has sent an encouraging message to her troubled ex-husband as he strives to overcome his problems with alcohol.

The 29-year-old rock chick reached out on Twitter after her ex-husband Deryck Whibley opened up about his issues in a post on his website titled "Rock Bottom".

“I was drinking hard every day. Until one night. I was sitting at home, poured myself another drink around midnight and was about to watch a movie when all of a sudden I didn’t feel so good. I then collapsed to the ground unconscious,” wrote the Sum 41 singer.

Although Avril is now married to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, it is clear that she still supports the man to whom she was married for four years.

“I am so proud of him. He is family to me and always will be. #StayStrongDeryck,” the Canadian beauty wrote in response to his heartfelt letter.

Deryck panicked when he woke up in intensive care and now, one month later, he seems determined to become healthy and well.

“My liver and kidneys collapsed on me. Needless to say it scared me straight. I finally realised I can’t drink anymore. If I have one drink the docs say I will die,” he added.

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  • Avril Lavigne supports ex-husband as he battles alcoholism

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