Morgan Freeman: why black actors go to the US

Friday July 20, 2012

Morgan Freeman has said that black actors are denied chances in the UK.

During the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises at the BFI Imax in London the actor said: "I know at least three actors who left Britain for the States because opportunities for them here in the UK were limited."

He added that "The British film industry definitely has more work to do on that front. It needs to catch up with the times, it has much more progress to make.

"I think Hollywood is pulling it off quite well for young black actors. There's a lot of oppurtunites over in the US."

Oscar-winner Morgan is not the only actor  to raise this concern. David Harewood of American drama series Homeland said  he was forced to go to America to win such a role. "Unfortunately there really aren't that many roles for authoritative, srong, black characters in this country."

Similarly Casualty's Patrick Robinson claimed that he felt that a BBC executives ostracised him for almost a decade after he voiced his concern about the lack of oppurtunities for black actors.

Patrick said "Ask any lay person to name five British black actors and they wouldn't be able to, Idris Elba had to go to America to make it in The Wire before they asked him back here."

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  • Morgan Freeman: why black actors go to the US

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