Pussy Riot honoured with LennonOno award

Thursday September 20, 2012

Journalist Christopher Hitchens and punk group Pussy Riot are to be awarded the LennonOno grant for peace.

The late Christopher Hitchens will be given the award for his thought-provoking polemics such as God Is Not Great, which will be received by his widow, Carol.

Russian punk group Pussy Riot will receive the award for challenging the freedom of expression in their home country. Three of their members were put under arrest for performing anti-Putin songs in a cathedral, which sparked global controversy.

Rachel Corrie, a late US peace activist, will also receive the award after she tried was killed in a blast when she tried to protect a Palestinian family's home.

The fourth recipient, John Perkins, will be given the award for his efforts as a third world activist.

A fifth recipient is yet to be announced.

The honour will be handfed out on October 9, on what would have been John Lennon's 72nd birthday.

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  • Pussy Riot honoured with LennonOno award

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